Behind the Scenes of 'Green With Envy' Campaign

The 'Green With Envy' Collection drop has been one of the best-received drops of all time. We think the campaign had a huge influence on the overall impact on the collection release. The collection campaign embodies the feeling of that sticky mid-summer heat, with elements of dreamy European getaways. Olive trees, grapes for lunch and smooth, white architectural curves of the location transport us into a mood or memory we all love to romanticise about.


Photographer Troy and muse Jenaya


So much preparation goes into the planning and execution of our campaigns. It's a team effort, making sure we capture the exact mood and essence we are after while staying true to the boldness and uniqueness that is Lahana. Before any shooting takes place, there is location scouting, model scouting, mood boarding, styling prep, video research and more that happens. We put 110% into our campaigns, as this represents the heart and soul and vision of our brand.

Lahana's head photographer Troy Freyee thinks that

"Having clear vision and direction in your brand is a key ingredient in the recipe for success."


(Right) Crew on set getting the shot (Left) Muse Georgia


The main muse for this Campaign was Jenaya Okpalanze, a graceful beauty that bought so much energy into the shoot. Our second muse of the day was Georgia Gibbs; we absolutely adore her natural, effortless look that is always on point. The girls both bought their unique flavour and mood into the shoot, adding layers of depth and complexity that we love to see conveyed in photoshoots.


Hinterland shoot location


The shoot location was at a property in the hinterland of Byron, with views of rolling hills and palm trees. It was the perfect setting to create some summer, sweaty magic. The neutral white walls were the perfect backdrop for stylish Kunti Benson to build the story up from, using a neutral base and adding character with good's thrifted, borrowed and bought from local thrift stores and vintage boutiques.


Crew working their magic in our favourite nook of the property


It was a full house on set, with Co-founders Ramana Benson & Vrindy Benson getting creative on the side, crafting well-executed flat lays mastered through years of experience. The two girls input is always valuable when it comes to the small details that make or break the authenticity and delivery of the overall mood of the shoot.

They know the brand through and through, Vrindy says

"she loves coming in onset and slightly changing small details like how loose the hair is following or the tone of the lip. These little details add a natural element in that I love".


The end result of the Co-founders creative flatlays


Lahana is so blessed to have the talented photographer Troy Freyee and videographer Capucine Merlant adding their sugar, spice and all things nice. These two encapsulate and work so hard to manifest Lahana's vision into realities beyond our amazement. It's pure joy, goosebump worthy stuff seeing the end result of all their hard work editing and creating.

The Lahana creative team work closely together to make sure the vision of the campaign is realised to its fullest potential. It's a blessing to have the contribution of so many talented visionaries that know and love the brand.

We can't wait to show you our next campaign; we know you are going to love it just as much as this one!


Pre shoot prep with Videographer Cap